Major Research Papers (MRPs)

Total completed to date = 206

The following are Major Research Papers completed by alumnus in the MA program in Critical Disability Studies since the inception of the program in September 2003.

Major Research Papers (completed in 2016 forward) can be accessed in the YorkSpace Repository's School of Health Policy and Management section under Collections in this community - Major Research Papers -Critical Disability Studies.

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Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Major Research Paper
BorgacciVictoria06/09/2016THE COST WE PAY: Accessing Disability Related Support Funding for Students with Learning Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education
DesjourdyRachel07/15/2016The Genesis and Evolution of Montreal's Protestant Institution for Deaf-Mutes, 1870-1900
EsmailAliya08/09/2016Towards a Transnational, Anti-Colonial Disability Framework: A Case Study of Ghana's Agbogbloshie Electronic Waste Site and the Production of Disability
GayleDaphne08/11/2016Inclusive Education and Disability: Comparing Tertiary Education Accommodations in Metropolitan Canada and Jamaica
GoldbergCara09/21/2016The "Right" Touch: Negotiating Invisible and Variable Impairments and Disabilities With/In Embodied Interactions
GoldbergMichael Robin06/16/2016Disclosure Through: An Autoethnography About Disclosing Invisible Disability Through Art
JacksonKevin08/11/2016Victorian Madness in Ontario: A Mad People's History of the Mimico Branch Asylum, 1882-1908
KhurshidNida07/05/2016Social Exclusion and Health: Experiences of Ahmadi Muslim Women in Canada
KissiEvelyn08/09/2016Theorizing Race, Gender, Ability, and Precarity in Early Childhood Education: A Way Forward
LeachGrace Marie08/04/2016Understanding the Capacity of (M)Others with Disabilities: Legal Reform, Stigma, & Master Narratives
MacPhersonDevon08/12/2016Dyadic-Belonging: Using Critical Disability Studies and Critical Animal Studies to Improve Service Dog Well-Being
MistryNima08/12/2016The Representation of Disability in Children's Narratives
MohammedSadira Crystal08/06/2016Barriers Encountered by Ontarians with Intellectual Disabilities when Accessing and Using Housing & Support from the Ministry of Community and Social Services
MsosaChisomo05/26/2016Black Lives Matter: A Critical Disability Analysis of Ebola Coverage in North American Media
NagyErica08/12/2016A Review of Mental Health Care in Canada: Towards a System-Wide Change in Perception and Treatment
RichmondAaron08/12/2016Harry Potter, Special Education, and the Canadian Supreme Court: A Comparative Legal and Literary Analysis
RollocksShequille08/25/2016Sterilization of Canadian Black Women: Gaps in the Literature and the Need for More Research
RozinskisRussell P.W.08/09/2016Deconstructing Self-Harm: A Mad Studies Exploration of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Diagnosis and It's Construction as a White Woman's Label
Schoots-McAlpineKarla09/14/2016Promoting Participating Rights of Disabled Children: Bringing Childhood Studies and Disability Studies Together
ShermanHillary08/06/2016A Place to Fit: Examining the Intersection Between Fat Studies and Disability Studies
TorresLynn08/09/2016Complexity of Caring - The Intersection of Welfare State Policies and Cultural Ideologies in the Development of Childcare Systems in Canada, Sweden and Finland
RaveendranVinthika06/15/2016Intersections of War and Disability: The Context of Disabled Tamil Women in Sri Lanka
VerseghyJudy08/09/2016Disabling Moms: How Motherhood and Medicine Construct and Pathologize Mothers' Sadness


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Major Research Paper Title
BrimmellCasey11/25/2015The Disconnect between Bachelor of Education Programs and Special Education Programs on Indigenous Reservations in Ontario
CarterKayla5/4/2015The Telling, The Making, The Haunting
ChowdhuryNadia4/29/2015An Analysis of the Disabled in two Film adaptations:Understanding Representation.
ClearyMichael4/7/2015Special Education in Ontario: Inclusion Or Transinstitutionalization? A critical comparative in Modern History to evaluate the policy and practice of "inclusive education" in Ontario"
DhanotaNavi8/21/2015Psychiatric Research, Data Mining and State Defense Strategy: Ewen Cameron and the Legitimization of Psychiatry during the 1950's
MaslowskiKatarzyna9/24/2015Theatre, not Therapy! People with Intellectual Disabilities involved in theatre companies in Toronto
ReidAmber12/8/2015Madness, Monstrosity and Grievavbility in Canadian Media Representation of Ashley Smith
SegalMaya5/9/2015Crossing Broken Bridges: The Transition from faculty of Education Programs to Employment for Teachers with Learning Disabilties
TonkenLeah8/21/2015When Science isn't enough:A critical Analysis of Applied Behaviour Analysis-Based Programs for Autistic Children


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yyyy)Major Research Paper Title       
AmarAudrey9/3/2014"Determined to Prove a villain" : Representation of Disability in Shakespearean Tragedy
BernaskyTammyAug-14Towards Anti-Colonial Inclusion: An analysis of Australian and British disability inclusive development Work
BrockestLiz9/17/2014Fat Activism in Practice: An Auto-Ethnography of the Fat Femme Mafia
CheukFiona6/17/2014Self- Disclosure Mapping out Disability Identities and Experiences within the Chinese-Canadian Community
GillespieEmilyAug-14Considering Intentional Disabilities: Rethinking Bodies. Challenging Disability Politics
KimDianeAug-14Who is it really for? : Examining the Efficacy of the volunteer program at Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital
KostashAmyAug-14All Aboard Accessible Cruising : Is Information on Accessible Cruising Accessible?
MackTracy7/16/2014Restorative Justice, Social Justice & Mad Communities
ManjiShahina1/22/2014Accomodations for Muslims with Disabilities: Exploring Accessibility and Inclusion Entrenched in the Social Structure of Mosques
MariampillaiMalissa8/25/2014"Building Back Better": Rethinking the role of Humanitarian Efforts in Mental Health Reform in the Post-Conflict, Post Disaster Region of Sri Lanka
SauderKimberleyAug-14The Untold Stories of Madmen and Monsters: Portrayals of Disability in film adaptations of Dracula and Frankenstein
SmithHilda8/25/2014How has Activism impacted theory development?: An Exploration of the Addiction and Disability Fields
StapletonTerri-JaneNov-14Barriers to Accessing Resources for Students with learning disabilities
TheodorouDomnaSep-14Appellant characteristics that play a role in the decisions of the Social Benefits Tribunal of the Ontario Disabilities Support Program Appeals


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
BondyLisa5/8/2013Disability Hate Crimes: A Comparative Study Between Canada and the United Kingdom
CubasAlina4/22/2013Health at Any Size? A Social Model Critique of Bariatric Surgery in Ontario
FernandezAmanda1/15/2013Personal-Political Autography
GuschinaIoanna1/30/2013Accessibility for Young Children with Physical Disabilities at Regionally Run Childcare Centers in Southern Ontario
KhedrRabia4/2/2013Portraits of Muslim Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families Living in Ontario


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
AhmadiFahim8/28/2012Islam and Disability: the Role of the Imam and the Mosque
BeischlagCecelia10/15/2012The Individual Education Plan: What Does It Really Do for a Student with Exceptionalities?
CarringtonCaroline9/17/2012First: Segregate Then: Include The Pedagogical Approach to Education of One Not-for-Profit Organization Located in SouthWestern Ontario
ChevrierJessica11/13/2012The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Redevelopment Project and the Preservation of the Patient Built Walls: A Community Perspective
CorfieldDana9/25/2012Highlighting the Invisible: Life Experiences of Children with Physical Disabilities in Peru
DasonAliza9/5/2012Involuntary Mental Health Treatment in Ontario: Historical and Legal Perspectives
DermodyAndrea7/19/2012Disabling Losses: Examining the Concept of Loss and Intellectual Disability
HearnPaula9/26/2012Disability Inclusion in Current International Development Policies
LeeDonna8/30/2012Representations of Self in the Vlogosphere: Disabled Girls and Constructions of Online Identity
LeeEsther1/24/2012The Future of Staring and Staring Back: Diversity in Ableness in the Present and the Future
LincolnMorgan1/26/2012It Is Not Us and Them: Disability Through the Eyes of Baccalaureate Nursing Students
NouriJoann11/22/2012Challenges to Internalizing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Egypt
SorouriHengameh9/10/2012Iranian Immigrant Parents with Children with Disabilities and Their Experiences Within Inclusive/Exclusive Settings in Ontario
SweeneyElizabeth1/27/2012(Dis)played: American Able and the Display of Contemporary Disability Art
ThorntonMaria11/20/2012Defining Disability and Illness: The Stigmatization of Canadian Women Living with HIV/AIDS: A Critical Literature Review


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
AwuniLinda12/1/2011The Social Process of Internationalization/Labelling: An Auto-Ethnography of a Ghanaian-Canadian Woman's Experiences with a Mild Intellectual Disability
BeharryMelesa4/25/2011Prenatal Screening and Disability
BierbrierAlyssa1/4/2011Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Intellectual Disabilities
BroderickRebecca12/7/2011"Empty Hallways, Unheard Voices: The Deinstitutionalization Narratives of Staff and Residents at the HRC"
ChaseRebecca12/21/2011Sexual Oppression of Women with Developmental Disabilities
DelisiDaniele9/6/2011Communication and Inclusion
DonovanDarlene6/21/2011The Ethical Challenges of Chemotherapy: A Historical Quandary
EbbsSarah12/8/2011Saying the Unsayable: The Modernist Poetics of Insufficiency
FaithfulDon6/20/2011Worker Disablement: Exploring Loss of Personal Autonomy in Work Processes Using the Social Model of Disability as a Critical Lens
FlemingSarah11/10/2011Health and Disability in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program: Experience and Theory
GrontisChristina9/6/2011Medicalizing the Reality of Grief
Guadagnoli-ClossMaria6/29/2011""Painfully Aware": Analyzing Medical and Legal Perceptions of Pain"
GurDoreen4/14/2011Education Practices in Ontario and the Mothers Who Challenge Them: A Critical Analysis of the Issues Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Encounter in Public Education
HalesCarla9/9/2011Ideal Alignments: Can Critical Disability Theory Inform the Education of Pilates Practitioners?
HillierSean9/8/2011Funding Allocation for Mental Health Services: A Perspective from First Nations Reserves in Ontario
InrigMaggie8/25/2011Double Dilemma: Children and Youth with Dual Diagnosis and Access to Respite
KarapetyanIzabella4/19/2011Comparative Analysis of Employment Policy and Legislation on People with Disabilities in Canada and the United Kingdom
LevinsonAndrew9/7/2011Sources of Failure: Ontario and New York State Attendant Care Policy
MacleanKatie6/14/2011From Policy to Practice: Exploring the Social Inclusion Act for Ontarians with Intellectual Disabilities from a Rights-Based Perspective
MallonKathryn9/27/2011Embodied Trauma An Exploration of PTSD From An Experimental Perspective
OttKatelyn8/18/2011"Learning to be Flabulous: An Autoethnographic Journey through Fat-Phobia, Fat-Hated, and Fat-Love"
SaczkowskiThomas8/22/2011Narratives of Violence: The Relationship of Masculinity and Ableism
ShanoudaFady5/27/2011""This is Your Class Now." An Autoethnographic-layered Account of Disability in Education"
SwantonJill4/20/2011Why is Sterilization the Answer?
WeberEva10/18/2011Grey Matters of Rehabilitation: Autoethnography of an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Therapist Through the Lens of Critical Disability


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
AbelKathryn5/4/2010Asleep at a Task: Occupational Health Nurses' Perceptions of Employees with Sleep Disturbances
AndrionJeffrey2/25/2010Landmines in the Philippines: What the World Should Know
BerginkHeather8/26/2010A Social Model of … Cancer? Using Disability Studies to Challenge Social Barriers for People with Cancer
CameronKeri8/26/2010Navigating Access to Homecare: Narratives and Patient Literature
ChanBenjamin5/28/2010Disability Policy Towards Persons with Disabilities - the Influence of Being Within a Liberal Welfare State
CreightonKatherin6/29/2010Prenatal Testing in Canada: A Feminist and Disability Rights Critique of Current Practices and Values
DowsleyLaura5/28/2010Quality of Social Life of Residents in Group Homes
GeorgeErin9/10/2010Cycle for Sight: Finding Disability Culture on a Bicycle Built for Two
Gruson-WoodJulia7/20/2010Hacking into High-tech Embodiments: Representations of Disablement and Ableism in Science Fiction and Technoculture
InesonMorgan8/26/2010""Is Our History There at All?": Accessing the "Visual" Arts: Tactile Tours & Disability Representation in the Museum"
JenningsSheila9/21/2010Paediatric Home Care of the Child with Complex Care Needs in the Context of Human Rights and Provincial Experiences
JeyaratnamSubashini7/15/2010A Critical Analysis of the Relationships Between Homelessness and Disability Among Immigrant Women in Toronto Community Agencies and Shelters
JonesChelsea8/27/2010"Pitching the Backstory: Five Accounts of Journalism and Disability from Toronto, Canada"
KananiNadia9/7/2010"Disability, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Nationhood; Exploring the Limits of Inclusion in My Name is Khan"
La MonicaNancy8/20/2010"Conversations About Disabling Education, (Hidden) Practices and Policies in Academia: A Case Study"
MalisaniKathleen9/8/2010Pre-Implantation Genetic Modification of Embryos: Obligation or Discrimination?
NaidooVishaya1/6/2010Aging in an Ableist World: The Multifaceted Complexities of Old Age & the Aging Body
ParentLaurence4/23/2010Je Me Souviens: The Hegemony of Stairs in the Montreal Metro
QuarterDavid6/25/2010"Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia and Other Ending Life Decisions and the Implications for Disabled People"
SikandMeenu8/20/2010A Critical Review of Ontario Accessibility Standards in Facilitating Employment Accessibility
StoneMelanie8/25/2010The Making of a Mother's Mania: A Canadian History of Post-partum Depression and Its Treatment 1850-1925


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Pap
AyalaCarolina2/26/2009A Stutterer's Autoethnography
BahniwalRobinder9/10/2009"Demystifying Mendelian Eugenics in Twentieth Century Alberta, Canada: Economic Practice Disguised as Scientific Imperative"
BordonGraciela11/27/2009"A Life Journey. Frida Kahlo, Epistemology of a Journey Recreating Art with Art. (Auto)Ethnographic: Art-Based-Research"
BreauLaura11/16/2009Representations of Inclusion and Developmental Disability Within Children's Literature
GibsonLaura8/28/2009Riding the Bus: A Phenomenological Account of Disability and Difference in the Interspaces Between Home and School
GorhamJanna9/29/2009"Memory, Murmurs, and Wordless Planes: Mapping Stories of Body, Finding Traces of Home"
GyorkosCheryl5/29/2009When Disability and Technology Collide
Hirji-KhalfanRaihanna9/14/2009The Inclusion of Disability in Existing International Development Programmes
HordoDiana1/13/2009Transportation Accessibility Litigation a Barrier to Inclusion
McleanMartha9/2/2009Critical Analysis of Restrictive Policies Implemented in Community-based Care
MudrickTalia11/9/2009Teacher Preparation and Inclusive/Special Education in Ontario Pre-Service Programs
NilesChavon9/11/2009A Comparison of Regular and Special Education Classroom Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching Students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs)
ParekhGillian8/31/2009How Neoliberalism Impacts the Realization of Inclusive Education Both Internationally and Locally: A Study of Inclusive and Equitable Education Opportunities Within the Toronto District School Board
PattersonJulie9/3/2009Understanding Disability in a Narrative Analysis of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy
PattonLora11/13/2009"Cop Out: Police, Mental Health Information and Access to Employment Considered Through a Critical Disability Lens"
SaltesNatasha7/3/2009"Capturing Disability on Camera: An Analysis of Disability Representation in Programming with a Focus on Canadian Regulatory Initiatives (pdf) (Note: This MRP was published in the Canadian Journal of Media Studies, Vol 8)"
Tordjman-GoodfellowAthena9/30/2009Learning Through the Learning Disability Lens: Inclusive Education and the Learning Disability Embodiment
VlietstraDanielle9/9/2009Collaboration of Educators and Agencies on the Transition of Students with Intellectual Disabilities into Post-Secondary Activities: a Participatory Action Research Project
WaltersDylan11/17/2009"War, Media and Disability: Disability and the War in Afghanistan Through the YouTube Lens"
WayLaura11/16/2009Representations of Inclusion and Developmental Disability Within Children's Literature


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
AbramovichIlona9/3/2008"Young, Queer and Homeless in Toronto: Where is the Support?"
AckermannMonica4/4/2008Redefining Job Accommodation: Systemic Inclusion in the Virtual Landscape of the Information Economy
BonaturskajaMaria5/22/2008The Experiences of North American and British Women with Disabilities in the Workplace
BurrowesJacquline8/31/2008Othering Fatness
ChandlerEliza9/11/2008Transgressive and Transformative Bodies: Creating Space for New Imaginations of Disability from Disabled Youth
CobeanMegan4/29/2008Representations of Madness in 18th and 19th Century European Art
DiasJose5/6/2008Undocumented Portuguese Migrant Women with Disabilities: From Invisibility to Emancipation
DosisOlga12/16/2008"Implementing the AODA, Customer Service Standard in a Post-Secondary Institution in Ontario"
FalascaCaterina8/28/2008"“Whose Ears are Broken?" A Historical-sociological Rendering of the Cochlear Implant and Divergent Perspectives"
FritschKelly8/19/2008"Nothing is Immobile: Disability, Relationality and Unhinging Possibilities"
GasconDominic1/10/2008"The Possible Links Between Artistic Creativity and Madness Caused by the Effects of Difference, Alienation, and Stigma"
HammerAntonia9/9/2008Miss Landmine: Angola's New Take on Beauty Pageants
HansonCharmaine9/11/2008Incest: The Silent and Invisible (Dis) Embodiment; Living in and With a Traumatized Body Etched and Soaked in Melancholy; A Survivor's Story; Redemption Song ..... Songs of Freedom
HossainMd.9/9/2008Community Approaches to Handicap in Development (CAHD): Strategy to Implement Community-based Rehabilitation in Less Developed Countries
HusseinFatima9/8/2008The Economic and Social Consequences of Mental Illness with Homelessness as a Dempgraphic Index
JankowskaMalgorzata11/26/2008Accessibility and Community: The Struggle for Access by People with Disabilities to Community Centres in the City of Toronto Disabilities to Community Centres in the City of Toronto
MappAnthony9/5/2008"Hegemony, Hegemonic Masculinity and the Differently-Able"
MarkowitzMacey9/12/2008ADD/ADHD: A Holistic Approach
NabbaliEssya11/28/2008On the Social Model of Disability and Its Applicability to Mad Pride
Santhosh ThomasAgnes9/29/2008"The Vicious Circle! Poverty and Disability in the Face of Neoliberalism and Globalization in Kerala, India and Ontario Canada: A Comparative Analysis"
SilverDaniella4/18/2008A Critical Analysis of People with Disabilities in Canada’s Workplace on a Specific Case Study of Ontario
SivasambuSinthujah9/11/2008Reproductive Health Rights: A Critical Analysis of the Systemic Barriers and Challenges Faced by Physically Disabled Women
SoengasChanelle4/8/2008Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life Claims: With a Focus on Damages and Prenatal Screening
SteeleJason9/8/2008A Revolutionary 'Quantum Leap' in Genetic Technological Advancement or a Pandora's Box of Oppression? A Critical Disability Studies Perspective of Preimplantion Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
TokarskyKristin9/5/2008Re-imagining Mental Health Promotion for Students with a Psychiatric Disability in Academia
WalshSamantha8/18/2008""Can Girls in Wheelchairs Have Nice Legs?" A Discussion of Beauty and Disability"
WashburnSandy9/11/2008Where Do All the Gray's go A Comparative Analysis of Canada and Sweden's Disability Support System


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
BroekhofSandra11/23/2007What’s in It for Us? A Social Justice Approach to Educational Services for Students with Autism
ChanChung Manh11/7/2007"Perceived Sigma, Self-Disclosure and Disability Accommodation in the Work Setting"
ClementJenny5/30/2007A Crucial Ingredient: Employer and Co-worker Attitudes Towards People with Verbal Speech Disabilities
FortyChristine11/7/2007Whose Choice Is It Anyway? Considering a Right to Die in Canada
FrancisHyacinth9/12/2007Strategies that Enable Autistic Children to Learn Self Advocacy Skills and the Potential Effects on Their Education: Perspectives of African-Canadian Parents
MiceliMichael9/5/2007An Exploratory Analysis of the Ethnical and Social Implications of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynacologists Canada 2007 New Clinical Practice Guideline
MikroyiannakisIphigenia9/11/2007A Physician’s Influence on the Life of a Person with a Disability
MoakDaniel9/24/2007Social Benefits Tribunal: Overview on Its Ability to Provide an Adequate Check and Balance Mechanism for Disabled Individuals
MooreMichiko7/9/2007Subjugated Bodies: Meanings of Race and Disability in the Context of Slavery in the Antebellum South
MurrayMichelle9/5/2007"Caribbean Women Writers Conceptualizing Madness through the Caribbean’s colonial and Patriarchal History, Demonstrating How their Effects on Race, Class, Spirituality and Religion Has Led to the Madness Experienced by the Three Female Protagonists"
O'Grady OrrickColleen11/27/2007"Valuing Gerry: Life Writing, Developmental Disability and Inarticulateness"
PatersonJennifer1/15/2007Beyond Clinical and Heteronormative Encounters between Disability and Sexuality: Kinky Agency and Resistance – a Qualitative Analysis of Issues in the BDSM/KINK Subculture Concerning Kinky People with Disabilities
Rossiter-ThorntonLisa1/15/2007Defining Deafness and Deaf Narratives
SlechtaMichael9/12/2007Why Don’t You Take Medication?: An Autoethnographic Encounter with Depression and Self-Care Practices
VidotJames8/29/2007The Black Death Pandemic Through a Disability Looking-Glass
WalkerJennifer9/12/2007"“Don’t Just Think About It, Do It!” Public Health and the Privatization of Disability in Canada"


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
BastowrosMargret12/11/2006The UP Side of DOWN Syndrome
CardwellPamela4/28/2006Metaphor and Meaning: Disability Imagery in Million Dollar Baby
CastrodaleMark9/28/2006A Review and Critical Analysis of Disability Research in the Field of Human Geography
ChanNathan10/17/2006AIDS in the Workplace
DevaneyJulie11/21/2006Clinical Encounters: the Politics of My Leaky Body
FennellJanice8/13/2006"I'm Not Your Superwoman: Effects of Multiple Roles, Multiple Identities and Traditional Role Obligations on the Mental Health of Women of African Descent"
GormanMartha7/20/2006Human Rights Policies & Ending the OSSLT
Knittel-KerenDafna11/15/2006Women’s Narratives of Recovery from Depression: the Personal Experiences vs. the Clinical Perspectives
LilaAzim8/11/2006Critical Perils in Community and Government Based Programmes in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
LytleChristopher6/21/2006Interrogating Disability as a Racial Project: A Critical Analysis of Disability as a Socio-Historical Process
MizelIlana9/15/2006Definitions of Disability in Canadian Constitutional and Human Rights Legislation: Implications for Persons with Chronic Illnesses
MuslehAyshia8/18/2006Can We Come In? Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities & Chronic Illness in the Palestinian-Canadian Community in Toronto
OrfanakosAdam9/28/2006Part-Time Work and Disability: Towards Accessible Employment for Persons with Disabilities
ProszowskiTom10/12/2006Employees with Disabilities in Canadian Workforce: a Critical Discourse
RennerStephanie10/24/2006The Representation of Down Syndrome in Children's Literature: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
RiddleChristopher8/16/2006"On Disability & Equality: Rethinking the Relationship Between Disability, Equality & Social Justice"
Rimon-GreenspanHila8/18/2006Disability Politics in Israel. The Role of Civil Society Actors in Advancing Policy Change
SilbigerHelen2/24/2006Disability and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Barriers to Prevention
SinghMichelle8/28/2006Narrative Analysis of Epilepsy and Blindness
StaffordAndrea9/29/2006Modes of Resistance to Inclusive Education
StanimirovicAleksandra12/9/2006"Toronto: Many Crayons, One Box. Toronto's Immigrants as Cultural Foreigners Multiculturalism, Depression and Implications for Social Policy"
TanakaScott12/13/2006Sticks and Stones Disavowal of the Body in Disability Life Writing


Last NameFirst NameEnd Date (mm/dd/yy)Major Research Paper
AgburuClifford12/16/2005The Dilemma of Alcohol Addiction: A Disability without Disability Benefits in Ontario
CampbellDuncan10/31/2005Running Header: Reasonable Accommodations/Paradigm Shifts
EricksonLoree3/29/2005They Call It Struggle for a Reason: A Sex Positive Reflection on Sites of Shame as Sites of Resistance for People with Disabilities
GilliesJennifer9/12/2005Campus Athletic Opportunities for University Students with Disabilities: Is It Their Right?
MarsolaisAllyson9/20/2005""Revisionist Historians" The Role of Narrative in the Identity Formation Process in Queer Women, Women Psychiatric Survivors and Queer Women Psychiatric Survivors"
O'brienJennifer11/4/2005A Politics of Hope in the Narratives of People with Dementia
OdellTracy12/6/2005"Not Your Average Childhood: Lived Experience of Children with Physical Disabilities Raised in Bloorview Hospital, Home and School 1960-1989"
PadmoreCandace9/15/2005"Lessons from Our Past: A Comparison of the Experiences of the Desegregation of Black Students in the United States to the Experiences of Students with Disabilities in Mainstream School (.pdf) (Note: This MRP was published in the Disability Archive UK.)"
ShareSuzanne1/14/2005The Inclusion of People with Disabilities as an "Identifiable Group" in the Hate Propaganda Section 318 of the Criminal Code of Canada