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Welcome to the virtual home of the M.A. and Ph.D. Program in Critical Disability Studies (CDS).

We admitted our first MA students in 2003, and our first PhD students in 2007. Our graduate degrees offer students an opportunity to engage in diverse theoretical and methodological conversations and to enjoy graduate student life through the Critical Disability Studies Student Association. We are proud to host the graduate student journal Critical Disability Discourse, a bilingual and interdisciplinary journal that publishes new critical writing.

Doctoral students in CDS develop their scholarship in the fields of social policy, human rights and social justice, and critical theory. Class sizes are small for all of our graduate students, offering ongoing opportunities for discussions with faculty and peers. The diverse scholarship of CDS faculty supports an intersectional framework. Faculty expertise is contributed from areas within and outside of critical disability studies including critical race, legal studies, gender and sexuality, history, education, the fine arts and humanities, geography, media studies, political science, public policy, and bioethics. CDS is research intensive, values excellence in teaching and learning, and contributes nationally and internationally to the contemporary and historical discourses within which the ideas and materiality of disability are located.

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