Understanding your Graduate Funding Package & Employment opportunities


Graduate students, admitted under full-time status, will be offered a funding package at the time of admission.   The purpose of the funding is to help meet  some the financial needs for domestic graduate students.

Full-time master’s students who receive funding support from York can expect a funding package of approximately $10,000 in their first year, met primarily through a fellowship.

Full-time PhD students who receive funding support from York can expect a funding package.  There is a total amount per year of approximately $23891. The funding includes a Doctoral fellowship, Teaching Assistantship (or GA/RA) and/or scholarships.

Eligible domestic students in our Critical Disability program can expect a standard package that consists of the following:

Domestic  Critical Disability Studies MA:   MA fellowship (3 terms only in Year 1) + one-time Health bursary

Domestic  Critical Disability Studies PhD:  PhD fellowship (Year 1 -5) and  priority for TA employment  (Years 1 - 6) + CUPE Health benefits (if eligible)

CONDITIONS: Funding is contingent on continuous registration as a full–time student, continued satisfactory academic progress as determined by Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations and Program Requirements, and fulfillment of any funding-related employment obligations.

Note:  It is the student's responsibility to register as  'active' in each term to remain eligible.  Additionally, the priority is for graduate students to progress academically in each stage of our program and ensure all degree requirements in their research-based MA or PhD program are met.   Any employment opportunity is an additional responsibility  to fulfill while maintaining academic excellence.

In order to understand the funding components and how it is distributed, please review the following:

Understanding MA and PhD Domestic funding package:   Visit the 'Standard Package Details' section and click on 'Master's, Domestic' or 'Doctoral, Domestic' to review each components below.

  • Fellowship (that covers tuition per term)
  • CUPE entitlements:  Grant in Aid (GIA)  and Graduate Financial Assistance (GFA) for  Unit 1 or 3, if you secured employment
  • Implications of scholarships and awards on total package
  • Eligible employment assignments (Teaching Assistantship, allocation is priority for doctoral students )
  • Health plan

Understanding the disbursement of MA and PhD funding
Review this guide to understand where  funding components are distributed.  Items issued from the university are deposited to your student financial account.  Wages for any student employment opportunity are issued by payroll to a personal banking account.

Direct Deposit: Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit so that any student refunds or student account payments are deposited to your personal banking account.


Some of the funding packages include student-related employment in the form of a teaching assistantship, graduate assistantship and research assistantships.

Teaching Assistantship: Teaching assistants help with the delivery of a course, either in the the School of Health Policy & Management  or in another department at York University.  All doctoral students and members of the CUPE Unit 1 priority pool are required to submit an updated application and CV for a teaching assistantship in each academic year.  This assignment is part of the standard funding commitment entitled to full-time, domestic students.  Any questions about entitlements, please speak to and refer to the CUPE 3903 Unit 1 collective agreement.

  • NEW PhD Admits - With exception of newly admitted doctoral students, the procedure to apply requires completion of a paper application.  Access the pdf copy of the CUPE Unit 1  TA Application form, include a curriculum vitae and submit one copy to each of the hiring units that the graduate office specifies.
  • EXISTING PhD Students - Submit a blanket  online application and CV to each of the hiring departments between November 15 to January 31st.  If an existing student misses the deadline, there may be a few specific openings of (CUPE 1) positions found online. Otherwise a paper application must be submitted to each department. Please visit the York CUPE jobs site and review available (CUPE1) job postings listed under each faculty.  Review the application deadline date.  If open, select the position and login with your Passport York access.  Instructions to apply online are found within this document (UIT instructions).
  • Refer to the Unit1-Teaching-Application-FAQs  when completing a TA application form

Graduate Assistantship:  Graduate Assistants support a faculty member or administrator with non-research related work.  Positions are available and posted online, in advance of a term.  Students who are registered as active are eligible.  Visit the York CUPE jobs site for (CUPE 3)  job postings lists under each faculty.  Submit your online application and CV directly to any suitable posting across the university before its deadline.  If you are a successful candidate, notify your home graduate program office in order for a contract to be prepared.
Student responsibility:   Once you begin your Graduate Assistantship, meet with your hiring supervisor and complete a GA workload form together.  Submit the signed document to your home graduate program office within 20 days of the assignment. Any questions about entitlements, please speak to and refer to the CUPE 3903 Unit 3 collective agreement.

**Please note that graduate students designated with a part-time status are ineligible for a funding package and Graduate Assistantships.

Research Assistantship:  Research Assistants help professors conduct their research. Students are encouraged to reach out to faculty who share their areas of scholarly interest to potentially secure RA funding.

If a current student has any discrepancy, please email gradcds@yorku.ca with your inquiry.